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ADMISSION – Application Requirements

About AO Entrance Examination

The “AO Entrance Examination” is a system that responds to the willingness of those who want to enter ESMOD.
Interviews measure enthusiasm and aptitude for the desired job.

1. Entry qualification

1. Those who are primary applicants for our school.
2. Those who have strong interest in fashion and willingness to learn.
3. You can enter high school graduates, graduates, college students and business people alike.
※ If you dropped out of high school, please contact us.

2. Recruitment course

Creative Fashion Faculty 【Design & Creation Course / Paris Exchange Course / English Course / Intensive Course】

3. Entry method

Fill in the required items on the “AO entrance examination entry sheet” and put it in the envelope prescribed by the school, and bring it by mail or to each school office.
■ AO entrance examination entry fee 10,000 yen (application screening fee will be exempted)

4. Selection method

Interview (self appeal)

5. Entry acceptance period / interview schedule

※ Please contact each school if it is not convenient for the above schedule.

6. Result notification / application permission

We will send out the result notification 10 days after the interview.

7. Application method

Put the following documents in our registered envelope and send it by mail or to each school office.

①Fill in the required items on the AO entrance examination entry sheet prescribed by our school
②Fill out the application form prescribed by the school
③Envelope for Examination Ticket Reply (Affix an 82 yen stamp after filling in the address and name on a standard envelope)
④4 photos
Edgeless, upper body, undressed, 4 cm long × 3 cm wide, taken within 3 months
Fill in the name, examination subject and course name on the back side, and paste 3 sheets on the application for admission and the admission ticket and entry sheet respectively
※The remaining one is preferred to be used as a student card after passing the exam.
⑤Copy of final education certificate or diploma
※If you are expecting to graduate from high school or university, please submit it by the entrance ceremony.
※Application screening fee (30,000 yen) is exempted.
※A copy of the student card if you are in school

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