About AO admission

AO admission is an entrance exam to respond to motivation of applicants who consider ESMOD as their first choice.
We measure your passion to your future job and competence with interview.

1. Application conditions

  1. You apply for us as your first choice.
  2. You are strongly interested in fashion and are highly motivated by study of it.
  3. We accept anyone who are expected to graduate high school, high school graduate, college student or candidate who have a professional career.

* If you dropped out from high school, please contact us before application.

2. Applicable courses

Creative Fashion Faculty (Design & Creation Course, Paris Exchange Course, English Course and Intensive Course)

3. How to apply

Please fill in “AO admission application form” and send it by post. You can also bring it directly to the school administration office. Please make sure to put it in a prescribed envelope.
Please also pay 10,000 yen as AO admission application fee (Screening fee is exempted).

4. Selection method

Interview (Presenting your strong points)

5. Application periods/Interview dates

Application period Interview date
2nd May 2022 (Mon) – 31st May 2022 (Tue) 11th June (Sat)
1st June (Wed), 2022 – 30th June(Thu), 2022 9th July (Sat)
1st July 2022 (Fri) – 30th July (Sat) 6th August (Sat)
1st August 2022 (Mon) – 31st August (Wed) 10th September (Sat)

* Please contact us if these periods and dates are not convenient for you.

6. Delivery of exam result and acceptance letter

Your exam result will be delivered in about 10 days after the interview.

7. Required documents for enrolment

  1. Prescribed AO admission application form which is filled in
  2. Prescribed enrolment form which is filled in
  3. Envelope which we will use for exam card delivery (Please write down your address and name on it and paste an 82-yen stamp)
  4. Four your ID photos
    Please take four photos of your face and shoulder in a white background without hat, head covering and frame. It should be 4cm by 3cm and taken in last 3 months.
    Please write down your name, faculty and course on the back of them and paste them each on your application form, exam card and enrolment form.
    * We recommend you to take them in a casual outfit, because one of them are used for your student card when you pass the exam.
  5. Copy of your graduation certificate or diploma which proves your latest academic career.
    * If you are a high school/university student, please submit it before the entrance ceremony.
    * Thirty-thousand-yen examination fee is exempted.
    * If you are already studying in another school, please submit a copy of your student card issued by it.