General exams of our day-time courses

1. Application qualification

  1. Whether experienced or not, anyone can apply for all the courses except Intensive Course, such as high school student, high school graduate, college student or candidate who have a professional career.
  2. Intensive course is targeted at people who finished two ESMOD Skill Up programs in the same term, or who acquired basic knowledge of fashion in school or in a professional career.

2. Applicable courses and their selection methods

Applicants will take the exam A or B in accordance with the chosen course.

A Essay and interview Creative Fashion Faculty (Design & Creation Course, Paris Exchange Course, English Course)
B Essay, interview and submission of work Creative Fashion Faculty (Intensive Course)

* English course provides English classes in first and second year and Japanese classes in third year. Examination essay and interview are in English.

3. How to apply

Please put the documents below in a prescribed register envelope and send us them by mail. You can also bring them directly to our administration office.

  1. Prescribed and filled-out application form
  2. Reply envelope to send to you an admission ticket for exams (Self-addressed envelope with your name and an 82-yen stamp)
  3. Three ID photos
    Please take three photos of your face and shoulder in a white background without hat, head covering and frame. It should be 4cm by 3cm and taken in last three months.
    Please write down your name, faculty and course on the back of them and paste them each on your application form, exam card and enrolment form.
    * We recommend you to take them in a casual outfit, because one of them are used for your student card when you pass the exam.
  4. Copy of your graduation certificate or diploma which proves your latest academic career.
    * If you are a high school/university student, please submit it before the entrance ceremony.
    * If you are already an ESMOD student and change your course, please also submit a copy of your student card.

– Thirty-thousand-yen examination fee

4. Application periods/examination dates

Start month Application period Examination date Admission type you can choose
April 1st September (Thu), 2022 – 30th September (Fri), 2022 15th October (Sat) General exam
April 1st October (Sat), 2022 – 31st October (Mon), 2022 12th November (Sat) General exam
April 1nd November (Tue), 2022 – 30th November (Wed), 2022 10th December (Sat) General exam
April 1st December (Thu), 2022 – 7th January (Sat), 2023 21th January (Sat) General exam
April 10th January(Tue), 2023 – 31th January(Tue), 2023 18th February(Sat) General exam

* Please contact us for application after the periods above.