About daytime part general entrance examination

1. Entry qualification

  1. All courses except Creative Fashion Faculty (Intensive Course) are open to all prospective high school graduates, graduates, college students, working people and those with or without experience.
  2. Creative Fashion Faculty [Intensive Course] is for those who have completed the double skill-up program or those who have acquired basic knowledge of fashion in a school or real society.

2. Recruitment department, selection method

Depending on the department (course), there are two types of examination contents “A” and “B”.

A Writing and interview Creative Fashion Faculty [Design & Creation Course/Paris Exchange Course/English Course*]
B Writing, interview and screening Creative Fashion Faculty [Intensive Course]

*[English Course (1st and 2nd year English / 3rd year Japanese)] will be an essay (English composition) and an English interview.

3. Application method

Put the following documents in our registered envelope and send it by mail or to each school office.

  1. Fill out the application form prescribed by the school
  2. Envelope for Examination Ticket Reply (Affix an 82 yen stamp after filling in the address and name on a standard envelope)
  3. 3 photos
    Edgeless, upper body, undressed, 4 cm long x 3 cm wide, taken within 3 months
    Fill in the name, examination subject and course name on the back side, and paste 2 sheets on the application for admission and the admission ticket and entry sheet respectively
    *The remaining one is preferred to be used as a student card after passing the exam.
  4. Copy of your final academic certificate or certificate *If you are expecting to graduate from high school or university, please submit it by the entrance ceremony.
    *A copy of the student card if you are in school

Screening fee 30,000 yen

4. Application acceptance period / Test schedule

Admission time Application acceptance period Test schedule Admission method
April August 1 (Wed), 2020 – August 31 (Mon) September 12 (Sat) AO entrance exam/General entrance examination/Second term scholarship student entrance exam
April September 1 (Tue), 2020 – September 30 (Wed) October 10 (Sat) AO entrance exam/General entrance examination
April October 1 (Sat), 2020 – October 31 (Sat) November 14 (Sat) AO entrance exam/General entrance examination/3rd Scholarship Student Entrance Examination
April November 2 (Mon), 2020 – November 30 (Mon) December 19 (Sat) General entrance examination
April December 1 (Tue), 2020 – January 9 (Sat), 2021 January 23 (Sat) General entrance examination/4th Scholarship Student Entrance Examination
April January 12 (Mon), 2021 – January 30 (Sat) February 13 (Sat) General entrance examination

*Please contact each school directly after the above schedule.