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ADMISSION – Application Requirements

About the school loan system

Guidance of education loan

This system is a system to provide loans for “Enrollment Fee, Tuition, Expenses, etc.” to those who enter our school.
If you are considering admission for economic reasons etc., please feel free to contact the school office of ESMOD JAPON.

ESMOD JAPON Tokyo Office

Address: 9 3-29-6 Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0013

ESMOD JAPON Kyoto Office

Address: 〒 600-8006 Shijokyo-ku, Shijokyo-ku, Shijo-dori-cho, Shionkyo-ku Higashiiri-cho, for sale 100-1 Shijo KM Building 3F

1. Administrative education loan

  • Country education loan
    (Japan Policy Finance Corporation (Former National Consumer Finance Corporation)

    It is an educational fund loan system that the country handles. With low interest rates, you can get a loan with peace of mind.
    Japan National Finance Corporation Public life business Other than each branch office, banks, credit unions, credit unions, labor unions, agricultural cooperatives and fishing cooperatives can do the procedure.
    Specifically, please check on the Japan Finance Corporation website.

2. Other school loan system

  • Jacks Corporation

    As the educational loan is from a credit sales company with which our school is affiliated, you can use it at a low interest rate with easy procedures and peace of mind.
    For more details, please contact ESMOD JAPON Tokyo / Kyoto entrance counselors.
    Tokyo school:03-5421-2232 / Kyoto school:075-741-8231

  • Central labor union

    If you live in or work in Kanto 1 Tokyo 7 prefectures, it is an educational loan that anyone can use in principle.

  • Various bank education loans

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