Kenji Utsumi

Kenji Utsumi

Entered to Paris Exchange Course in 2011
Graduated from ESMOD Paris in 2014
Currently working as a stylist in Martin Margiela.

How you got into ESMOD?
After graduating from Yamanashi Gakuin University, he was involved in the land readjustment business at a real estate related company. To put it simply, it was a job of creating a town in a certain area, but as a new employee, I managed to do some chores. About two years after I started working, I suddenly started thinking about what I would like to do, and left the company at the age of 24 to join the S-mode summer school in order to advance to the path of fashion that was half-stopped.
The scale and atmosphere of the school was very good, and it was easy to communicate with the teachers, so I decided to enter immediately.
What did you learn and learn in ESMOD?
In the first year, I learned about the basics of design and patterns. What is particularly impressive is that I was taught to treat tools such as iron and scissors carefully. After that, I studied abroad in Paris, but my first shock was that I had less than half the freedom of my school. I had to decide everything and act on my own, so I was confused at first when I couldn’t even speak French at all.
The teacher gives instructions on how to do it, but the process of putting it into design is up to the student.
The emphasis is placed on the form of the concept that was introduced at the beginning.
The most important thing I learned in S-mode, including a year in Tokyo, is to do everything myself. I think it was really good to go to Paris.
Tell me about your activities after graduation.
We won the Grand Prix at the international fashion contest “Dinard International Festival for Young Fashion Designers”, which featured young designers, and exhibited at the “Who ’s NEXT” exhibition in Paris.
After graduating, I had an encounter with a wonderful designer, Patanner, in training at Maison.
At first, I had an intern experience for half a year in the Hermes atelier, but I was surprised at the height of my technical skills. Sewing technology, pattern, cutting technology were great enough to put it in words! It was a shock. It was a moment when I came to Paris and I thought it was really good. I was told what I did not understand.
Christophe Lemer was a designer, but I also liked his design, so I was able to work with great pleasure.

Next I entered Martin Margiela as a stylist.
Margiela had already retired and was planned by the design team, but again I was shocked at how to create the painting atmosphere. What is picked up on the road at lunchtime has changed, and it is a plastic bag that contains fruits, falling leaves, stone waste, and so on.
It’s like I was picking up casual stuff and putting it on the wall to spread the inspiration.
I used to drop the idea source into three dimensions.

I have been in Martin Margiela for 3 and a half years, but two years ago John Galliano became a creative director and I am also inspired by the professional staff of people who work around me.
In front of him there are a huge number of photos and a huge number of tows. I decide everything in fitting, but I am in charge of fitting.
How would you like to say to yourself now who is 31 years old from you who entered S-mode in 2010?
I think I was lucky. If you look at yourself objectively, it looks like you are working hard. I have never been angry and I have never felt disgusted. Anyway my job is fun!
I’m still overwhelmed by the world view that he ensues. I think that charisma is about him. I sometimes watch Dior’s haute couture on youtube, but I’m still moved by the goose bumps.
I am working with John Galliano in the future! I want to cry
Tell us your vision for the future.
I want to study more. I want to study haute couture.
Haute couture can make the ultimate thing.
Haute couture is still the most fun.
I want to be a couturier and work with John Galliano all the time!