Yui Hashimoto

Yui Hashimoto


Graduated from Es Mode Japon Tokyo in 2000
Then, after acting as a fashion brand assistant, started activities as ETHOS in 2003.
ETHOSENS starts from 2007-8A / W. Since then she has presented a collection twice a year in Tokyo.
July 2011 Open ETHOSENS flagship store ETHOSENS of white sauce in Shibuya.
From 2016 SS, exhibition presentation in Paris starts.
October 2015 Received the 2nd TOKYO FASHION AWARD.
2016-17AW 2017SS 2017-18AW Join TOKYO COLLECTION on the official schedule in the runway format.

How you got into ESMOD?
When I was in my third year of high school, having an older friend who runs an antique shop take me to Paris bought me a chance to decide on the future direction. I graduated from high school and went on to college, but I was inspired from Paris and worked five days a week for a part-time job.
There was the opportunity when I helped with the plan in the company once, but I pictured a picture from childhood and had liked that I made a thing, and it was convinced of doing manufacturing by oneself in the future.
Therefore if the friend who left the technical school which got to know learned a fashion, I advised it when an S mode might be good and decided that I entered the S mode which I felt when a feeling of scale of the school was compact and was easy to study.
How was your school life in ESMOD?
I entered ESMOD at 23 years old. It took a lot of time to do the task in S-mode, but I still worked part-time in a week or two.
Looking back on it now, I think it would be better if I concentrated on studying once I stopped a part-time job, but I also felt that contact points with society in a considerable amount were being used to create a concept, and design can only be born from experience I realize that.
The process of making clothes that shape the design is all connected and can not be separated anywhere.
I still draw patterns by myself, but it is natural to learn design and patterns consistently, and I think that the curriculum in S-mode was very suitable for me.
Tell me about your activities after graduation.
In the summer of S-mode 3 years, I directly called my favorite brand YAB-YUM (Yabuyam) and started working as a patternner there. I helped out of the collection for two seasons and quit S-mode in half a year, but I still can not make my decision until I start my own business, and then I make original men’s clothes called LOLO, handling old clothes at that time. I worked for three years under the brand I started. I thought that I wanted to be independent eventually, and at age 30, I launched ETHOS (Etos).

ETHOS’s first exhibition was held at home and in the atelier.
One and the market where there was the passage of times when LOLO was demanded as a new style had demanded the taste, and more than expected order entered in spite of the first exhibition in those days. I just left myself flat LOLO and felt the songfulness for wind not to be one’s power and was troubled in various ways. As ETHOS, the business changed smoothly, what is one or oneself to have a meaning whom oneself works as? Lasted four years and reset ETHOS suddenly while feeling the essential deep thing in spite of being a trouble. A feeling made a breakthrough suddenly once and I changed a brand name into ETHOSENS at 34 years old and announced it. I held the first exhibition of ETHOSENS in an atelier of Ebisu as well as time of ETHOS, but none of the conventional business partners came because they had changed a taste really. It is the second year and comes to enter the new business partner little by little and comes to be taken up in the media from the third year and lets you open a shop in the fourth year, and the recognition finally thinks that I went up it by continuing receiving a prize, Tokyo collection, and announcing the fashion award in 2015.
Tell us your vision of ETHOSENS in the future
Choosing the work of fashion, how do you go about your life with fashion?
First of all, can I create something with my own excitement? I think that the most important thing is to continue that feeling.
There are a lot of things I want to do, but I want to do new challenges and fashion shows overseas as well while continuing to have a strong feeling at the base.
I’ll take care of the emotions and feelings at that time, not being bound by it. Even if the emotion at that time is negative, I do not want to make it positively positive, but I want to follow the honest emotion.
Please give a message to the person who aims at ESMOS.
There are no people who don’t wear clothes.
It is said that AI will make fashion in the future, but rather than being impressed by the perfection of data, I think the future of clothes made by humans is attractive only because it is incomplete. I would like to convey that fashion is fun and challenging.