Keisuke Nagami

Keisuke Nagami


1987 Born in Hiroshima Prefecture
Enrolled in the study abroad course at S-mode Tokyo School in 2005
Study abroad at Smode Paris in 2006
2008 Festival de Dinard de jeune Won the Grand Prix of createur de la mode.
Graduated from Es Mode Paris Master Course 2009
HATRA started in 2010, triggered by the handling of graduation collections at select shops in Shibuya.
Focusing on "comfortable clothes" and "rooms", we are thinking of making clothes suitable for the new environment that has been created through the Internet.

How you got into ESMOD?
Since I was a high school student who wanted to dress up, I decided to go to France just before school, without grounds.
For those of me who didn’t know what they wanted to learn at the time or who they wanted to be, I felt that I was attracted to S-mode, which allows me to learn carefully from the basics with a small number of people.

I participated in the experience class of S-mode in the summer of Taka-3, but I went to study abroad with a friend who I met there at the same time, and I still have a close relationship even now.
It was just that I was able to meet a friend who was more passionate about myself as I wanted to fashion alone in a local city.
What did you get in S-mode? Have you been affected?
Mr. Goto, who was newly appointed at that time, taught me thoroughly about the attitude toward clothes and the attitude to pay respect to the work. Please pay attention to how to touch the cloth, handle the tools, communicate, and all the processes, of course, and make sure that you are conscious of making something very important, no matter how bad you are. The
I became strongly aware of a sense of responsibility for producing things in Tokyo for one year, and it is still the engine of production activities.
What did you learn at Paris?
Internship period is incorporated into the curriculum in Paris 2nd year. The intern was looking for a letter on her own, which was a good experience.
After all, there is a mood that supports the fashion culture in the whole city, and I think that the distance between students and the industry was not as great as Japan.
It may be because it was in the mood that I was able to produce with a sense of “students only” rather than shrinking with “students”.
The fact that creative contests such as Yale and It’s were felt close to me was also a good stimulus.

After graduating from the department of pattern at the Parisian school and graduating from Nouvelle Couture in the third grade, I majored in the pattern master course in the fourth grade.
At the master, I had an experienced modelist who had repeated careers at famous masons and instructed them on a three-dimensional cut on a daily basis, and I was devastated with making a towar daily using all the countering.
Tell me about your activities after returning home
As soon as I returned to Japan, I would have my graduation work put in a select shop, and HATRA suddenly started as the label was suddenly needed.
After that, the concept of “room” came up gradually, and we have proposed clothes as a portable room that is surrounded by a sense of security like our own room wherever we are.
I think that the experience in France is alive in the attitude to explore the new form and structure by facing the sweaty material covered in casual impression.
Please give a message to the person who aims at ESMOD.
I would like to spend some time thinking about things that I can not understand without fear of knowing, and I would like to tell you that I am 18 years old.