Fashion designer Yoko Segoshi

Yoko Segoshi

Fashion designer

After trained at Department of Design and Crafts in Joshibi University of Art and Design, graduated from ESMOD Japon in 2011. Started career in TOMORROWLAND and now working as a designer for mens and womens GALERIE VIE.

-How was your school life in ESMOD?

I joined ESMOD to make clothing by drawing on my knowledge of textile I had studied in the university of art, so I had a specific goal of working for a company as a designer. All the classmates loved clothing and were highly motivated and an atmosphere of the school was also good, so it was fun to study there. The surroundings were also nice, because every student can work on their own schedule with their personal sewing machine as if they were in an atelier.

After starting to work for a company, I realized that experience of studying with professional teachers led to my self-confidence, even if the classes were very severe. Normally results are not crucial and there are less responsibility in schools, but I have already known professional levels and seriousness in classes during school life, so I became mentally strong not to be discouraged by failures or difficulties and to keep on trying.

-What should we do during our school life to work for a company?

If you want to make mass-produced garments in a company, I recommend you to get inspiration resources as much as possible during when you are student. Naturally, you will be considered as a professional when you start your career in a company. Especially when you have just started to work, all you can do is do the most you can for everyday job, and surely you cannot afford to learn something new. Therefore, you should get inspiration resources before being in charge of a responsible job.

You should of course learn knowledge about structure of clothing like the way to make a dart, observe real clothing, collect pictures of favorite details and study about cultures which are roots of collections. It is a privilege of students to get different knowledge in accordance with their interest. If you do it, then it will surely helpful for you.

-What is the most fulfilling experience as a designer working for a company?

Many items are made with yarns selected by us in GALERIE VIE. For example, a pair of ecru pants making full use of natural color of materials are made with three different-colored organic cotton yarns in original composition. Like this, the company creates environments enabling us to try the best while valuing different factories and I appreciate for it. The president says “Don’t hesitate anything for creation” and it encourages me and allows me to concentrate uncompromisingly on creation.

It makes me happy to see someone wearing clothing I designed on a street, and I’m also glad to serve as a clerk in a shop once in a while to see directly response of customers. While keeping the essence of our brand and always expressing fresh feeling, I want to continue making garments which responds to feeling of people who want to enjoy fashion.

-Please give a message to encourage students who want to work in fashion industry!

If you want to learn fashion, you don’t have to care about your age, and I think it’s better to start when you want. I suppose it’s important to keep on thinking flexibly like the young. School life is a precious period where you can do what you want to do freely without restriction. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your school life and love clothing more.