You will gain solid technology and rich sensitivities that are necessary for designer / patterner from inexperience

Design & Creation Course

  • For 3 years

A comprehensive course that is reputed as high standard of curriculum an and outstanding employment result after graduated.. In threes years, you will learn both design and patter making to acquire skill and techniques to be professional fashion designer and patterner maker.
Applying methods from Paris and original method from Japan, our goal is to educate professional to be successful in the world.

1st year

Starting from how to use sewing machine and how to draw design sketch, you will learn the basics of making clothing throughout the curriculum design and pattern of skirt, shirts and dress.


You will learn how to draw figurine (design sketch in French). Starting with a base, the body is divided in 8.5, from head to toe, the position for face, shoulder and bust are then analyzed.


Through technical drawing and draping, you will learn semi flared, flared, mermaid, panel, pleated skirts with actual size.

1st year curriculum

Stylism (design)

  • design drawing
  • use of colours
  • creative process
  • flat drawing
  • product breakdown
  • creation of complete design dossiers: skirt, shirt, dress

Modelism (pattern making & sewing)

  • creation of skirt, shirt, blouse and dress
  • using flat pattern cutting and draping
  • Learning the basics of sewing

Additional classes

  • marketing
  • visual design
  • textile
  • life drawing
  • history of fashion

Promotion exam

  • The year ends with an exam in design and pattern making, and the
    presentation before a jury of a personal dress model with a complete
    design dossier.

2nd year

With the curriculum to study jacket, learn to adapt to design any other items. You will also learn fashion business and brand management through the project with fashion industry (operation Exterieuree)


You will learn to judge the esthetics of the volume and balance of clothing by studying Tailored Jacket.

Opération Extérieuree

ESMOD Sustainable Project, in cooperation with industry and government. Upcycle old or defective fabrics as products. Student learn about branding, design, patternmaking, sewing, PR and sales with the opening of a popup store.

2nd year curriculum

Stylism (design)

  • fashion illustration
  • development of a personal style
  • product analysis
  • visual research
  • creation of complete design dossiers: suits, casualwear, trend book.

Modelism (pattern making & sewing)

  • creation of a suit jacket, suit trousers
  • jacket and jeans using flat pattern cutting and draping

Additional classes

  • marketing
  • merchandising
  • textile
  • life drawing
  • CAD
  • trend research

Promotion exam

  • During the year, students present a complete style dossier getting inspiration from fashion magazines. The year ends with an exam in design and pattern making, and the presentation in front of a jury of a personal blouson and jacket model.

3rd year
Creative technology / Creation business

Understand and improve, know how to apply and master knowledge acquired during 1st and 2nd year through its own creative direction. Graduation collection will be evaluated by a jury of professionals and presented as graduation collection.

Graduate Collection

The Graduation Collection represents the culmination of the three year education. During 3rd year, you will deepen your own concept and express it through fabrics and design. Classes become an atelier-like atmosphere.


CLO is a 3D CAD system which can allow you to render digitally in 3D your design or pattern. It will help visualize a finished product and make adjustments. More and more fashion companies have introduced this software, it is a great opportunity to learn the latest technologies.

3rd year curriculum

Stylism (design)

  • Portfolio
  • photoshooting

Modelism (Pattern & Sewing)

  • Study of coat using flat pattern cutting and draping
  • Body shaping
  • During this year, students plan, design, and create a personal graduate
    collection choosing from womenswear, menswear, unisex, children’s
    wear, knitwear, lingerie or costume design, that will be presented during
    a fashion show.
  • Study CLO

Graduation review board

  • Exhibition
  • presentation
  • evaluation

Student Interview
Nami Nosaka

I studied science at university but I decided to join ESMOD because I couldn’t forget the fun I had making my own clothes during Highschool. I have to pay my tuition and materials with the income I earn from my part time job, so it is very important to have balance between work and study. As I want to become a patternmaker, I particularly learned CAD and gain skill to draw huge patterns on a computer.

Occupation to aim at

  • Styliste(fashion designer)
  • Modelist(pattern maker)
  • Textile designer
  • Planning
  • Product management
  • Stylist