During 1st and 2nd years, classes are taught in English

English Course

  • For 3 years

During 1st and 2nd years, classes are taught in English while in 3rd year classes are taught in Japanese.
By studying fashion design and pattern making (apparel manufacturing) simultaneously, students acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for fashion professionals from the basics to advanced.

Fashion class in English

The English course is a course where you can learn fashion in English while staying in Japan. The content of the class is the same as the general course, but it is suitable for foreign students who are not good at Japanese by learning English and Japanese students who want to be active overseas from now.


The curriculum is the same as the design and creation course.

Student Interview
Xavier Louis Lemaire

I chose English courses because I am not yet fluent in Japanese. This course allows me to get a translation for every classes and thus follow classes properly.
Before coming I was a bit scared because I did not have any skills in sewing or design, but after the classes started the anxiety was put to rest. I realised that even if some already studied this fields, the teachers were helping each students according to their abilities, in order for everyone to progress quickly.