You can get an international bachelor's degree (equivalent to a bachelor's degree) to improve your skills while attending school while you work. International Bachelor Program

You can get an international bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree) to improve your skills while attending school while you work

International Bachelor Program

  • For 1 year

CNAM (designated by: Cunham) (France National Institute of Technology) and ESMOD have partnered to develop the next generation of leaders in the fashion industry. This course allows you to earn an International Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree) while staying in Japan.

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Get a bachelor degree!

You can obtain a National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts(CNAM) bachelor degree issued by the French Republic, Ministry of Higher Education while studying in Japan.

Get a bachelor degree!

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You can take the only lessons specialized in Fashion x innovation in Japan.

Over the past few years, innovation has imposed itself to enterprises as the main lever to maintain their margins and guarantee their sustainability. Many industrial sectors saw their products and services reconfigured, due to constant technological disruptions.The digital revolution that we are experiencing, is turning upside down all the economies worldwide.Nothing is safe from it, so does the fashion industry,which is deeply shaken by these transformations.In our fast-paced changing world,CNAM created an innovation management Bachelor.

Innovation management's sequence of actions

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What does "CNAM" stand for?

Established in 1794
The National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts was founded by catholic priest Grégoire during the French Revolution, on October 10th,1794.Its goal was to guarantee a safe depository for “machines, models, tools, drawings, descriptions, and books in the area of arts and trade”. Nowadays, as a public institution,CNAM is under the supervision of the French Ministry of Higher Education. The school has been recognized as a “Grand Établissement” (top-class institution), because of its long and prestigious history. Since its foundation, considering lifelong learning as its main purpose, CNAM offers courses mostly to working people, who are willing to skill up their knowledge in a specific domain. Students attend classes after work (night class) or follow online lessons (video). CNAM is not only an academic institution, it is also an old library (160,000 books, 40,000 readers per year) and an industrial design museum (Musée des Arts et Métiers, 200,000 visitors each year), which fully participate to CNAM’s constant efforts for the diffusion of scientific and cultural knowledge.

What does "CNAM" stand for?

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Learn from specialists of innovation

In April, two renowned French experts in innovation management, with strong field experience in consulting, come to deliver thirty-six hours of enlightening lectures at ESMOD Japon. Based on more than fifty real business cases ranging from the fashion industry to 3D printing, they introduce the best practices in terms of innovation and creativity.

Learn from specialists of innovation

Teachers introduction

Gilles Garel

Professor of innovation management at CNAM. Researching about design thinking and innovation management, working hand-in-hand with innovative companies in various sectors.

Gilles Garel

Lionel Roure

Lecturer of innovation management and marketing. Holder of a Ph.D. in Management at Paris IX Dauphine University, he frequently intervenes in companies, as a lecturer or an advisor. His research focuses on methods and process concerning disruptive innovation management.

Lionel Roure

1st year curriculum

Required course

  • Innovation process
  • Innovation marketing
  • Reports writing
  • English class

Transferable course

  • History of clothing
  • History of textile innovations
  • Trend analysis
  • Fashion marketing
  • Production management


Enrolled participants who do not have any practical experience in the fashion industry must complete a three-month internship.

Digdem Ay

Student Interview
Digdem Ay

I have been working in the textile sector for many years. I worked in every department, from production departments to design departments. But I needed more than that to build my own brand and business. I was very excited when I noticed the innovation management program. I decided to start this program to challenge myself and improve my career skills. I realized that ESMOD Paris also offers this course but I also wanted to live in Japan and learn Japanese. So I decided to study CNAM in Tokyo.

Occupation to aim at

  • Innovation producer
  • Product manager
  • Innovation project leader
  • Trend consulting
  • Planning assistant
  • Merchandiser