Learn Design & Creation Course program in 2 years. Intensive Course

Learn Design & Creation Course program in 2 years.

Intensive Course

  • For 2 years

This accelerated course, which teaches the three-year program in only two years, is designed for people who have previously followed fashion courses in a different school or who have previously worked and acquired experience in the fashion industry.
During the first year of the Intensive Course, students learn the content of the first & second years of the Design & Creation Course, and during the second year of the Intensive Course, they join the third year of the Design & Creation Course.

Experienced in the fashion industry, subject to professional graduation

Aim to be a designer and a patternr in two years. As a result, basic knowledge and experience in fashion will be targeted at people who are more practical and theoretical.

Class scene 1
Class scene 2

1st year curriculum

For your 1st year, you will study and realize personal items going from blouse, skirt to casual jacket (items that you normally learn during the first two years of the Design & Creation Course).

2nd year curriculum

Stylism (design)

  • Portfolio
  • photoshooting

Modelism (Pattern & Sewing)

  • Study of coat using flat pattern cutting and draping
  • Body shaping
  • During this year, students plan, design, and create a personal graduate
    collection choosing from womenswear, menswear, unisex, children’s
    wear, knitwear, lingerie or costume design, that will be presented during
    a fashion show.
  • Study CLO

Graduation review board

  • Exhibition
  • presentation
  • evaluation
Rika Ezawa

Student Interview
Rika Ezawa

I graduated from an university of fashion and worked in a fashion company but I could not give up my dream of becoming a patternmaker. This is why I decided to join ESMOD. During Modelism class, I had difficulties translating the silhouette I have imagined into a pattern. Now I am able to draw a faithful silhouette, my abilities have skyrocketed!