Beginner or not, learn thoroughly fashion within a limited time.

Skill Up Program Saturday Course

  • For 1 year

This course is best suited for those who want to start studying, have basic knowledge, and are currently working in the fashion industry, or need further knowledge. Students of different background and situation are taking this course. We provide personalized advices between students and teacher in small classes.
(This course is for Japanese language only)

point 1.

Beginner or not,
you can skill up!

Teachers with professional experiences teach in small classes

point 2.

Learn fashion outside of your working hours!

Start something new during your week-end

point 3.

Double schooling for a better job hunting!

You can combine the lessons with e ones you have at your university!

point 4.

Become a professional of the fashion industry

Make your dream comes true, within a limited time


Stylism (design)

  • Develop your originality and creativity, acquire the necessary knowledge and techniques to become a fashion designer.

Modelism I (pattern making & sewing)

  • Acquire the pattermaking skills of lightweight clothes such as skirt and blouse.

Modelism II (pattern making & sewing)

  • Acquire the patternmaking and sewing skills of clothes such as casual jacket, pants.

Student Interview
Wako Watanabe

Learning at ESMOD, I could realized the difficulty to communicate to others my imagination, and profoundness of clothing. It is always difficult to try new things when you get older but I believe the first step is the start. It was tough sometime to work during weekdays and study weekends but I could overcome it because I enjoyed so much doing what I love and devote for.