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Yuri Aritomo

Paris Exchange Course Grade 2

Yuri AritomoYuri Aritomo

Graduated from Keio University in 2015
Entered to ESMOD JAPON in Paris Exchange Course in 2016
Paris Exchange Course Grade 2

◆ How you got into ESMOD?
When my second year of college was over, I was absent from school and studied for a year in New York FIT stylist department. I thought that I would go back to Japan soon after I returned home and graduated, but I decided to stay in Tokyo for a while as a result of various problems. The study abroad festival in the EU was Iidabashi, and there was a booth at S-mode Paris, but I heard that there are many stories and I went to a school tour at S-mode Tokyo because of my entrance to school. The third grader in Paris is saying that “I will be in Tokyo for only one year and then go to Lyon.” When I asked him why he was in Japan, he said, “I am in Japan, but I am in Japan. I think it is a shame not to know how to study Until then, I was keen to go abroad soon, but there was also a desire to expand Japanese culture overseas, and that language became the decisive factor.
◆ When did you get interested in fashion??
I have always been unable to find something I like because I want to do various things with boredom, but I think that being interested in something and being a job since I was a child is related to clothes It becomes like that. When I studied in FIT, I did not know what kind of work or job type there was in the fashion industry, so I entered the stylist department, but I felt that I was not suitable for a stylist. As I was interested in things stuck to the details rather than things that are easy to jump into, be easy to convey to people, and fashion, I would like to learn technical things after I graduated from university. Yes.
◆ What kind of school life have you had since you entered ESMOD?
I have never thought so much about clothes so much, so I have a lot of time thinking about what I really like and what I want to make, and I haven’t found the answer yet, but before I go to Paris I would like to do what I can to say that I was doing something like this in Japan. There is a feeling that you are dedicatedly supported with the enthusiasm of the instructors. I would like to raise the motivation to try hard to meet that support. Before admission, I thought it would be the same as doing it alone, I feel that it makes a lot of sense and that it makes a lot of sense to have a friend to study with and to have advice from the teacher.
◆ Please give a message to the person who aims at ESMOS.
When I was in Japan, I often worried about my age before I entered S-mode, and also why is the young girl’s advantage in creating new things and new ideas? I was anxious that the environment with young students who were older than me would be tough. Until then, I did not get involved with younger people, so I may feel the generation gap and culture shock, but it is interesting and I can realize that I am not concerned about that now because I can associate as a companion who works on the same thing. You are On the contrary, it is an opportunity to look back at what age you were in school if you were in school. Having quitting university without having to quit, it was roundabout and I spent a long time, but I have my own because I have such experience. It is a very good stimulus for me to study in an environment where there are many generations as well as the same generation.
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