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George Cole

International Creative Grade 2

George ColeGeorge Cole

◆ Tell me how you thought you wanted to learn in Japan.
Before coming to Japan, I was interested in famous Japanese fashion designers such as ISSEY MIYAKE, YOHJI YAMAMOTO and COMME des GARCONS, and I wanted to go to Japan from that time. I was very attracted to the unique approach and style different from Europe. When I was 25 years old, I came to Japan to receive fashion education from England. Since I came to Japan, I was very surprised that there were many designers I did not know until now, but among those, I understand that Yui Hashimoto, a designer of my favorite brand ETHOSENS (Etense), is from Esmode and I am not lost I decided to enroll.
◆ What do you learn in ESMOD and what are you keeping?
I think that it is the best environment in the world for me personally in terms of fashion thinking, material selection, design methods and pattern making in S-mode. Because it is a small group S-mode, it has a lot of time to communicate with the teacher, it is possible to solve problems quickly by talking directly, and the guidance is also very accurate and very rewarding. I have to work on the task from early morning to late at night, and I live hard student life without enough time, but I have decided to do fashion as my future work, so how efficiently can I design? It is the current task to be able to concentrate on the subject and how to increase that time.
◆ Majoring in Menswear, please tell me the difference from the past.
Since I learned to make ladies’ jackets, I have been involved with mens for two months. I’m surprised at the depth of the men’s world. Women have to think about their designs every six months and have to create new clothes, but men have to focus on details while changing some of the patterns they already have. Anyway, pattern and hand-sewing techniques are more important than design, so I’m concentrating on learning how to make men’s clothes.
◆ Please give a message to the person who aims at ESMOS.
If you want to work in fashion and want to launch your brand, be prepared and ready to sacrifice something. If you know your character and have a clear vision for the future, your experience in S-mode should be useful.
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