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Naomi Djira

Paris Exchange Course Grade 2

Naomi DjiraNaomi Djira

◆ How you got into ESMOD?
I have liked Japanese manga since I was a child and studied animation in France. There was a course where I could go to Japan during summer vacation at the school, and I stayed in Niigata and Tokyo for one month in 2012. I felt that Japanese people were very kind and livable than France, and I became more and more fond of Japan. After returning to France, I still wanted to study fashion in Japan, so I emailed him to go to a school briefing. Even after that, the staff responded kindly and finally I was able to come to Japan.
◆ What kind of school life have you had since you entered ESMOD?
I am enjoying it! Now I am preparing for the mini-passage (mini fashion show in the 1st and 2nd grade). Still’s class creates a portfolio, and model’s class draws the pattern of the design considered. I have to cut it soon.
◆ What is your dream?
I want to be a designer who can be active in the world based in Tokyo in the future. I think that I will not be able to become independent soon, so after 10 years of finding employment in Japan and gaining experience? 20years later? I want to make my own brand. I would like to combine Côte d’Ivoire fabrics with Japanese styles, and mix cultures to expand the world.
◆ Please give a message to the person who aims at ESMOS.
Japan is a really good place, so don’t worry too much about language problems, and if you want to work in fashion, please come with peace of mind!
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