We have put together a lot of questions from everyone.

Do you have a dorm?

There are dormitories and student apartments that are affiliated with ESMOD. Both dormitories have resident dormitories and dormitory mothers, so even if you are new to living alone, you can live safely. Specifically, please inquire at each school.

About the house

Please tell me the class schedule for the daytime club.

About 5 days (2 days a week rest) of Monday to Saturday (Results in FY 2011). Among them, attendance and end time will differ depending on the contents of each subject and optional classes.

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I’m worried I can follow even beginners.

More than 90% of those who enter ESMOD regardless of high school graduates, college graduates or working people are beginners. Please rest assured that you will learn from the basics without design or sewing experience.

How much will it cost for teaching materials (consumables) besides classes?

There is a difference in the content of classes and the time of assignment submission, but the average monthly cost is around 10,000 yen.

I would like to work part-time to reduce the tuition burden. Do you have time?

Depending on the department or course, it may be possible, but there is individual difference in whether it is compatible with study, and the free time is different. It is recommended that you make a decision after looking at things for the first few months until you get used to school life.

I am considering entering a Paris study abroad course, how much French do I need?

The language level does not matter at the time of admission. In fact, most people can not speak English or French at the time of admission. However, all classes in Paris will be in French, so it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with French before admission.

About Paris Exchange Course

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Tuition at the 3rd year Paris school is converted into euros. In addition, the cost of living in Paris is almost the same as living alone in Tokyo (around 120,000 yen), but all fluctuate somewhat due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates (euro).

How much English level do you need for English courses?

Both interviews and essays (compositions) at the entrance examination will be in English, so it is necessary to have a level of communication with the instructor. Please contact each school for more information on levels.

Inquiry of each school is this

Do you have employment support?

The homeroom teacher and the full-time job manager work in unison to provide specific advice for the type of job you want. Employment guidance is provided throughout the year, and detailed guidance is provided through corporate briefing sessions and mock interviews that welcome companies. In the fashion business department, internships at partner companies will increase your awareness of employment and give you an experience that is advantageous.

Employment support

Can I study abroad other than Paris Exchange Course?

Short-term study abroad is possible between ESMOD group schools. In fact, many ESMOD students from Japan, such as Munich, Louve and Paris, visit Japan every year. However, you need language skills to communicate locally (or in English).

I am currently a member of society (college students and vocational school students), but I am a little uneasy about learning with people who have just graduated from high school.

Not only those who enter high school after entering high school but also those who enter university after college or social experience account for about half of the enrollment. Also, there is no question about age issues in the fashion industry, and learning fashion based on the experience you have learned so far often makes it easier for you to find a job.

Do you have a course that you can attend while working or attending university?

There are Saturday courses. Although the number of class hours per year is different from that in the daytime part, it is a content that can learn the basics of the ESMOD method in a limited time. Information on the details of the course will be sent in a brochure, so please contact us if you are interested.

About Saturday courses