Find out frequently asked questions below.

Are there halls of residence?

We cooperate with halls of residence and student apartments. All of them are with an on-site manager and you can lead a safe and comfortable school life even if you live alone for the first time. Please contact us for more details.

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What is day-time course class schedule?

In 2011, students had classes on about five days from Monday to Saturday and have two off days. Starting time and ending time of each day depend on courses and optional class choices.

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Aren’t the classes too difficult for beginners to catch up?

More than 90% of newly enrolled students (high school graduates, university graduates, people who are working…) are beginners. You can rest assured that teaching thoroughly from the basics covers a lack of design and sewing experience.

What do learning materials (consumable materials) cost in addition to tuition fee?

It depends on class contents and schedule including assignment submission deadline. As a rough approximation, please imagine that they cost 10,000 yens per month on average.

I want to work part-time to pay tuition fees. Can I balance school and work?

You would be able to balance them in some courses, but it depends on your competence, and the amount of free time varies.
I recommend you to see how it goes for a first few months to get used to school life and to make the best choice.

I’m thinking about applying to Paris Exchange Course. What is the required French level?

Your French level is not considered for application. Most of the new students don’t speak English nor French at all. But all the classes in Paris are in French. I recommend you to gradually get used to French before admission.

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How much does it cost to study in Paris?

You should pay tuition fee for third year in Paris in euro. Living cost in Paris is about 120,000 yens which equals that in Tokyo, but it varies with euro exchange rate.

What level of English is required for English Course applicants?

You are required to pass English interviews and essays (compositions) as entrance exam, so it is necessary to have a English level which assures communication with teachers. Please contact us to get further information about the required level.

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Can I get career support?

Teachers in charge of your class and career support staff work together to give you individual advice according to the job you want to apply for. We hold events such as career support seminars, job fairs with companies and job interview simulation to give you detailed advice throughout the years. In Fashion Business course, internship in our partner companies gives you advantageous experience and raises your awareness toward job-searching.

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Are there other overseas study options than Paris, including short-term study?

We provide you with overseas short-term study through ESMOD global network. Many ESMOD students utilize it to come to ESMOD Tokyo from overseas group branches such as Munich, Roubaix and Paris. Please notice that it requires sufficient English or local language skill for communication.

I’m currently a worker/university student/vocational school student. I’m a little concerned about studying with people who have just graduated from high school.

Not only students who join ESMOD just after graduation from high school, there are also those who graduated from 4 years/2years university or have already worked in a company and they make up a half of the newly enrolled students. Age does not matter in the fashion industry, and studying fashion based on former experience often gives you an advantage in job-hunting.

Do you have a course that I can take while working or pursuing study in another school?

We recommend you to consider Saturday Courses. The annual total class hours are less than those of general courses, but they provide you with basic ESMOD methods within your busy schedule. Please feel free to contact us and get our prospectus. It gives you detailed program of the courses.

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