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Study ESMOD PARIS with rich sensibility and originality full of international sense Paris Exchange CourseThree-year system Daytime club

Paris Exchange Course has been established since the establishment of ESMOD JAPON More than 300 students have graduated from S-Mode Paris from study abroad courses in Paris and are active in the fashion industry in Paris and other countries. In this course, you can learn French (fashion) basic knowledge for studying abroad at the same time. It is safe because the staff who is familiar with the situation in France can provide necessary information at any time and assist you with troublesome procedures such as obtaining a visa.

To be a true creator who creates fashions active in the world.Occupation to aim at

ABOUT About Paris Exchange Course

  • 3rd year study abroad in Paris

    In the first and second years, I will study fashion in Japan in multiple directions, but in the third year, I will study abroad at S-mode’s hometown Paris school, in order to cultivate a designer, Patanner who plays an active role overseas. We learn local culture and bring up human resources who become immediate force of fashion industry.

  • Small class class teacher control system by expert instructor

    Each class has a teacher in charge of one Stylism teacher and a moderator. We will provide interpreters for foreign teachers, practice high-quality education that emphasizes dialogue, and develop human resources that aim to create new value that the times require.

  • Network with companies

    We are actively engaged in on-site industry-academia collaboration projects such as product development and design, and planning of sales departments.

CURRICULUM – Course content

An extensive curriculum in which you can learn from certain skills and rich sensitivities necessary for designers and patternters

First yearSecond year3rd year
Paris Exchange Course General basisStylism/Moderism CreationApplied technology Creative technology
Paris Exchange Course
First year General basisStylism/Moderism
Second year CreationApplied technology
3rd year Creative technology Creation
First yearStylism / Moderism basics

Stylism [ Fashion designⅠ ]

・Fundamentals of expression and creation
・Women’s figurine (human research, coloring expression)
・Fashion Illustration / Research Book
・Understanding of trends / Color expression / Introduction to print planning
・Understand the composition and relationship of clothes and body
・Item understanding and design development
(Blouse, shirt, dress, skirt, band, jacket)
・Creation mechanism, design process
・Concept, view of the world, age, collection
・Material creation / My vision book making (total summary of one year)
・Contest (Domestic)

Moderism [ Pattern & SewingⅠ ]

・Introduction to Three-Dimensional Modeling: Exercise on the principles and structure of modeling
・Skirt pattern theory
・Body pattern theory
・Skirt, body trim
・Link of draping and plane cutting
・Relationship between darts and silhouettes, design
・Skirt, blouse work production
・Shirt work production
・One piece work production
・Individual research work production

Second yearCreation application technology

Stylism [ Fashion designⅡ ]

・Think about new relationships between people and fashion
・Image creation
・Formative expression and material
・Visual presentation
・Research book
・Item understanding and design development (tailored jacket, coat, cut & saw)
・Construction of self-expression / Creation style research
・My brand project
・Industry-academia collaboration project
・Contest (Domestic)

Moderism [ Pattern & SewingⅡ ]

・Tailored jacket: outer armor pattern and exercise
・Expression of silhouette and balance
・Three-dimensional cutting of tailored jackets
・Design expression and pattern technique
・Creation of kimono sleeves
・Pants correction
・Jacket work production
・Coat work production
・Personal Research Exercise: Style Discovery and Research
・Individual research work production

3rd yearCreative Technology Creation Business

3rd year1

After the end of the second year, I will study French and preparation classes for the new semester in April-July Bali. From the new semester of September, I will be transferred to ESMOD Paris 3rd year. We will improve the creation ability of each major course by making use of the basic courses learned at each school. We will develop a professional attitude through joint project exhibitions with European companies and graduation fashion shows.

Course content

For graduation examination, I will produce a graduation work of my major course.

Major content

Women’s / Men’s / Children’s wear / Nuoberg tulle / Stage costume / lingerie / knit / accessories


  • (株)コム デ ギャルソン
  • (株)アバハウスインンターナショナル
  • (株)オンワード樫山
  • (株)三陽商会
  • (株)アダストリア
  • (株)サンエーインターナショナル
  • (株)ワールド
  • (株)トゥモローランド
  • (株)メルローズ
  • (株)ユニクロ
  • (株)デサント
  • (株)ノーリーズ
  • (株)オゾンコミュニティ(ヒステリックグラマー)
  • (株)アトリエヨシノ
  • (株)フォクシー
  • (株)アズノゥアズ
  • (株)ファイブフォックス
  • リシュモン・ジャパン(株)(CARTIE)
  • (株)ヨウジ ヤマモト
  • (株)イッセイミヤケ
  • (株)サマンサタバサインターナショナル
  • (株)ナルミヤインターナショナル
  • (株)英国屋
  • (株)エドウィン
  • (株)ベイクルーズ
  • (株)エストネーション
  • (株)ビギ
  • (株)エム・アイ・ディー
  • (株)エイ・ネット(ZUCCa)
  • アイア(株)
  • MAX.co
  • (株)アダストリア
  • (株)ルシアン
  • (株)バロックジャパンリミテッド
  • (株)ベイクルーズ
  • (株)ギャレット

OPEN CAMPUS - オープンキャンパス



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