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Born in Okayama in 1986. Fashion designer, artist. Graduated from Smode Osaka school (men's major) in 2008. We treat clothes as media, communication tools, and create works that support fashion items.

What is the meaning of what you learned in ESMOD?
I do not yet understand it now, but it may be understood if I gain more experience. I think that the level of sewing is relatively high compared to other schools. I liked sewing rather than drawing design drawings, so it was fun to learn sewing techniques.
When you were a student of ESMOD, what kind of young were you?
During this time, when I participated in the graduation screening committee, I felt painful to remember when I was a student. Even though the things I wanted to do and express were magnificent, I couldn’t realize the idea because I didn’t have the technology, and I couldn’t convey it to people, and the gap was hard. I think it would be nice to learn as a student when you learn more about techniques to convey to people, how to organize ideas, and so on.
How do you want the fashion world to change in the future?
I always think that the fashion world should fit my way.
◆ Please give a message to the person who aims at ESMOD.
Savings are important. You should save until you find something you want to do someday.

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