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Junpei Saito

Junpei Saito

Entered Fashion and Creative Faculty at the age of 18 in 2010
Men's Grand Prix Winner in 2013 Graduation Collection
Joined Descente Co., Ltd. in 2013 Designing Golf Wear
July 2017 Resignation from Descent Co., Ltd.
Study abroad in Italy with the Kobe Fashion Contest 2016 Award in August 2017

◆ How you got into ESMOD?
Since my father was a patner and my 9 year old sister was in the Adastrian press environment, I felt that I was going to be in the fashion industry somehow since I was a kid. As I was playing basketball until high school, I knew only the College of Cultural Dress, but at the recommendation of my father, I joined the S-mode open campus. It was a very nice atmosphere, so I decided on admission immediately.
Also, Mr. Kakiga, who is famous for men’s class, came to the event, so it became a decisive factor.
What did you learn in 3 years of ESMOD?
I was able to know the depth of the fun of fashion. I learned about the fun of manufacturing and felt that I could do it all the time. There was also a scene where they competed as if they were playing basketball.
I’ve been technically crawling from the bottom, but when I was placed in order of scores, I was the second from the back.
On the contrary, we have to work harder! It is also a fact that it became a force.
I thought that I would lose in the beautifulness and elaborate making of sewing, so I made an effort to put emphasis on the concept from the concept making, such as how to present, how to show and how to draw pictures.
Why did you apply for the Kobe Fashion Contest 2016?
I felt that I was working for a company, but to be honest, I was not the designer who drew my thoughts. I want to do more creative work. I thought about studying in a language school because I had a dream of working at the headquarters of Nike without changing the axis of sportswear. At that time, I knew about the contest and decided that I wanted to study languages ​​while learning at a fashion school, and decided to challenge.
What did you want to convey at Kobe Fashion Contest 2016?
As a member of society, I have acquired communication skills, but it is doubtful if I say that my ability to expand my imagination has become rich. Being addicted to the mold, I felt that the expressive power was less than at the time of the student, so I expressed exaggerating the “explosive power” in the contest.
We proposed sports fashion that would be “good” when you got it worn.
Therefore, I also felt that I wanted to penetrate myself.
Selected as five specialties at Kobe Fashion Contest 2016. congratulations!
I decided to study abroad for one year at the Accademia Costome e Moda in Rome, Italy. I want to learn well and participate in overseas contests more and more. As an intern experience in Maisons in Italy, I would like to return to the sports industry in the future!
◆ Please give a message to the person who aims at ESMOD.
If you learn in S-mode, you will always get the basic skills. It is recommended that you acquire presentation skills and communication skills and take part in contests. I want you to make fine, fun clothes with free ideas that you can do only when you are a student.

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