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Graduated from Meiji University International Japanese Studies Department 2014
Enrolled in the department of Fashion and Creative Studies in 2014
Men's Grand Prix Winner in 2017 Graduation Collection
Joined Adastria Co., Ltd. in 2017

◆ How you got into ESMOD?
By the time I entered the school, I could not draw pictures satisfactorily, and my mother was a home economics teacher, so the sewing machine was only about straight sewing several times. After entering S-mode, I had vaguely thought that I wanted to be a pattern, but I gradually began to aim for a designer, thinking that my thinking was not suitable for a pattern. Even if you study design in Still, it is important how you think for yourself in the end. Because I wanted to put my concept in order and what I want to do so that anyone can see it, I learned the presentation method well. You are the one who makes it, but after all you have to tell people in the presentation. In S mode, you will learn how to present and communicate forcibly. I think that learning how to communicate is very big.
◆ What do you learn as a first-grade adult student?
Currently, I am doing a half-year sales training to be in charge of designing the Adastria brand “Hare”. The experience with S-Mode is useful for selling, as it allows you to convey cool reasons for clothes when you take one. Every day we practice how to communicate only because we know how to make things.
◆ What can we see from the sales experience?
It is also true that the sales staff may be confused by the product coming from the designer. There is a problem that appears only after actually wearing it. It turned out that design was impossible if we did not understand the consumer perspective. The customer base of the brand I am in charge is mainly university students. College students do not care about the details, but they place importance on silhouette and mood. I understand that the customer base and the message of the brand must be properly communicated. Since it is the basis to support the brand, I realized that it was a very important job.
◆ In the future, do you design what you want to wear, do you have to make something that sells, and how can you contribute to the company?
There are many brands that are entrusted to you that you will never wear if you are yourself. I think it was very good to see that there was a lot of work to fix through sales. I think that I can contribute to the company from now on that the feeling that I want to fix that has sprouted. After entering the head office after half a year of sales training, you must first learn the flow of work properly. I want to be able to demonstrate my abilities well where I have seen through my experience and sales in S-mode.
◆ Please give a message to the person who aims at ESMOD. The best attraction of S-mode is that the distance to the teacher is close. The ability to think for yourself is close to you, and the ability to speak is trained because you are in an environment where you can talk in many ways. It will be painful, but after three years interesting things will be waiting. Please do your best without giving up! The result will always follow if you complete it.

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