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Seiko Yukiura


seiko yukiuraSeiko Yukiura

Born in 1978
Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering, Department of Ship & Ocean Engineering in 2000
Joined TOTO in 2000
Resigned from TOTO in 2005
Enrolled in a comprehensive course in 2005
Graduated from General Studies Department of Stylism (Redice Major) in 2008
2009 Own brand "sneeuw" established

◆ How you got into ESMOD?
I have been fond of changing dolls since I was a child, and when I was an adult I wanted to get a job in clothes design. However, I wanted to go on a stable path where my parents were strict, studying, going to university and getting a job, and I was not confident that I could design for myself, so that time the designer I gave up on the road and devoted myself to studying for entrance exams to enter the University of Tokyo. At university, I studied environmental systems at the Department of Engineering and Marine Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. Even though I could not design, I wanted to work for a company that is making something close to it, wanting to be involved in manufacturing, and I joined TOTO and spent four years in the department designing a wishlet. The desire to put ourselves in an environment where things are made came to meet there. For four years at TOTO, there were many motivations and rewards, some respected bosses, some who were serious about doing what they did, and they felt that they wanted to do their best there, but they were drowning since childhood. The dream of a fashion designer was not given up, and he decided at the age of 26 that he would regret if he had not done what he wanted to do, and he left TOTO the following year. I was wondering which school I would like to go to, but I was interested in esmode, thanks to the recommendation of a friend who is working in apparel. I went to visit the school and felt serious about the condition of the students and teachers and the atmosphere of the class, and also understood that there were many people who were close to my age who were experiencing university or working people, I decided!
◆ What did you learn in the three years of ESMOD?
After entering the school, I was able to study while receiving the inspiration from the teacher and classmates in a good environment, as it was at the time of the school tour, but it was also a day when I was chased by the task. However, I was hoping that I wanted to study, so I thought it would be happy to be able to do what I like. At S-mode, I was able to learn a wide range of things, but in particular I continued to ask questions about my manufacturing concept. I have a lot of time to think, and I get feedback from my teacher and classmates around me, and what I found there and what I felt are still used in manufacturing.
◆ What is the theme of your graduation collection?
With the brand concept of “clean and humor”, this theme has not changed since graduation collection. I think this concept is also obtained because I was in ESMOD.
◆ Tell me about your activities after graduation.
I wanted to learn how to work, and experienced an assistant with “YEAH RIGHT !!”. Therefore, I had a look at the flow from the 2 season planning to the exhibition, and launched the brand “sneeuw” in 2009 alone. When I was just getting started, I couldn’t get into the business and did not make it commercially, but at the second exhibition, an exhibition of clothes happened to be held in the next room, and I admired myself there. There was a dream-like event where buyers from select shops who had been there had been introduced, had a look at their clothes, had orders. That triggered me to put it in other shops.
◆ Tell us your vision for the future.
What you learned in ESMOD, of course, is one of the most important treasures of being able to make many friends. I receive a lot of stimulation from active classmates. If you look closely at what you want to do and you think that it is fashion, if you try hard there, you will always be able to do your best, as the experience will always be utilized even if you find something else you want to do Please find a place.

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