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Born in 1984
Enrolled in the Department of General Studies in 2006
Graduated from 2009
2009 NICK NEEDLES established
2013 Atelier and shop SONAR established
2016 Shirasagi High School Fashion Design Instructor
2018 SONAR dressmaking class (provisional) scheduled to start

◆ How you got into ESMOD?
While at Tochigi Hakuho University, my friend was making jeans by himself, and it was booming to make clothes around, so I set up a fashion circle and held a fashion show.After graduating I wanted to learn in earnest and went to a summer seminar in S-mode, where there was a learning environment of S-mode from Akira Hamasaki (currently working as a British fashion brand ERDEM patternr) at the time of grade 3 I could hear a direct talk about goodness and decided on admission.
◆ What did you learn in ESMOD?
After all it is high level of technical ability, high level of professionalism. In particular, in the case of patterns, since we are simultaneously advancing a solid and a plane, it seems to be a flexible patternter that is not limited by numbers.
◆ Tell me about your activities after graduation.
In 2009, when I graduated from S-mode, I quickly launched a brand. At first I was thinking of trying to find a job with a patternmaker, but of course not only my own lack of power but also the year after the Lehman shock, employment was severe, and a sharp brand for a company’s conservative manufacturing I wanted to launch it. The brand name NICK NEEDLES is promoting manufacturing on the theme of mode, futuristic and unisex, in the sense that it is a key to the heart. It seems that the recognition level has gradually increased gradually as it is handled by select shops such as XANADU TOKYO and CANDY.
◆ What is your vision for the future?
Aside from NICK NEEDLES, we plan to launch a brand with a slightly lower price than the spec. NICK NEEDLES wants to be more specialized in creation and create both wheels. I also want to put more emphasis on fashion education, so I teach fashion design at high schools in Utsunomiya, but in April 2018 a dressmaking classroom with a more modern image at SONAR in Utsunomiya. We would like to introduce more technology and fashion to more people.
◆ Please give a message to the person who aims at ESMOD.
It’s amazing that you often meet people who have graduated from S-Mode since you’ve been out in society. That’s a sign of S-mode’s high marks, but because of the tough world, if you don’t get trained in tough schools, you’ll never be an excellent designer and patternner. I would like you to be prepared and to choose a school for the future.

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