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2009 Kokushikan University 21st Century Asian Studies Graduated
Joined SEGA Logistics Services, Inc. in 2009
Resigned from SEGA Logistics Service Co., Ltd. in 2012
Graduated from Department of Fashion Technology, Fashion Creative Department, 2012
2012 MIKIO SAKABE Assistant
2013 Metaphor ... established
2016 Metaphor ... Full start
Reflector creative project of eight European industries at 2017 SS 2017
Collaboration with "Rewrite (RE: LIGHT)"
2017 2017-18 AW Exhibition Held
2017 2018 SS Exhibition Held

◆ How you got into ESMOD?
After graduating from college, my mother worked in Isetan, and I wondered if I would like to work in a familiar fashion, but I became a salary man in charge of accounting in the game SEGA at the recommendation of my parents. However, there is a Lehman shock in the third year of joining, and there is a desire that I do not want to regret to become 25 years old because I was recruiting a desired retiree, and I left SEGA and wanted to do the way of the designer Decided to aspire. Even though my mother was from Bunka Fashion College, I thought that S-mode was a small group, and I joined the open campus and decided to enter immediately.
◆ What did you get in two years of the Fashion Technology Department?
It is great to be able to create patterns yourself. Even if you become a designer, it is very important to know the pattern. As there were warriors from various places in the class, I think I was able to grow in an environment where I can work hard. Every classmate was a rival, and every day was learning how to improve my personality. When I was in first grade, I made basket clothes with a rattan and had them exhibited at a shop called Candy in Shibuya. At that time, I stopped by the eyes of Lady Gaga, who happened to be visiting Tokyo, and I rented out my clothes, but unfortunately I was not allowed to wear it. In my graduation collection, I didn’t want to make the same one. At that time, when I went from Ome to Ebisu, I saw a girl of the same-generation recruit suit that I see on the train and a person who enjoys the color of the hair in Harajuku and now I have learned in Smode. I came up with how to create a design called Jacsta Position. How do you combine the girl who makes hair colorful with the person who wears a suit by the method of combining the irrelevant ones and creating a new one? How about making a hat from the teacher of those days? It was said that I made a hat with hair as a hint, and I decided to put on a jacket from the top of the hat. I made a wig so that my eyes could see through the gaps in my hair, but I borrowed the jacket for filming for Lady Gaga and I was able to wear it this time!
◆ Tell me how you started your company.
One time I went to see the collection of Stephen, the designer of INPROCESS who was a teacher of S-mode, and when I participated in the launch of the show, I started talking with a foreigner. Why are you not independent? It is scolded. Japanese have sankaku between maru and bat. I excuse myself that I can not do now because I have no money. Foreigners have only Maru and Xatsu. It’s not a sankaku where you are, it’s a bum. If you buy a T-shirt for 100 yen, draw a picture and sell for 1000 yen, isn’t it? When. That being said, I started to brand and started (laughs)
◆ Tell me the brand concept。
The name Metaphor was inspired by Dadaism, who was taught in Stephen’s lecture. Metaphor is a technique that expresses certain aspects of things with something that can be imaged more specifically, and refers to metaphorical expression. I would like to express what I feel and the changing times in fashion. I think that it is an expression of one’s ownness to break and rebuild what is originally.
◆ Tell us your vision for the future.
Little by little, inquiries from overseas buyers are increasing. From now on, I will keep quicker response in mind and would like to strengthen PR and sales activities. First of all, to get to know more brands. I want to keep a good balance between creative and business so as not to end with self-satisfaction.

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