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2007 Department of Fashion and Creative Studies
Freelance Costume Designer

◆ How you got into ESMOD?
There was a fashion department in the high school I was attending, and I thought that I wanted to go to a vocational school for fashion as it was.
There was a senior of high school graduates who went to S-mode, and it was recommended that “I think that S-mode matches Ms. Ito.” I went to visit S-mode and visited other schools.
The deciding factor is the graduation collection. I think that this is a school taste. S-mode was stylish, cool and attractive.
◆ Did you originally want to be a figure skating costume designer?
No at all. I wanted to go to the world of mode in the future.
However, I was looking at figure skating from that time. I remember I said “Hobby is watching figure skating” in the first class self-introduction.
After the class, I went out to see the game with Bazooka and challenges.
I had never thought that I would dress for a skate.
◆ Do you still use what you learned in ESMOD?
I agree. I studied design and concept making in S-mode.
I draw a design drawing that makes the face and atmosphere as similar as possible, but it is often said by players and coaches that it is easy to imagine.
S-mode cherishes concept and visual making, but I feel that it is used in my current work. He listens to the opinions of choreographers and players, and incorporates his own concept into costumes under given conditions.
◆ Tell me the way from S-Mode graduation to the current job.
Strictly speaking, although I did not graduate, I won the Kobe Fashion Contest 2008 when I was in the second grade, and I did not progress in the third year of S-mode and studied abroad for a year and a half at Nottingham Art University in England.
When I was in England, I came to think about the future and wanted to get involved in my favorite figure skating outfit.
After returning to Japan, I worked for a dance wear company for 4 years and now I am independent for the third year.
◆ Message to those who want to carry on their skate clothes in the future
There are many questions from high school students saying, “I would like to get involved in a skate outfit in the future, but should I go to a dressmaking school?”
The answer is yes if you strongly desire it. Although it is in the category of “Costume”, I think that basic patterns and sewing of clothes should be learned, and various things should be absorbed.
However, it is also a profession that can not continue unless you basically like “making things”. I want you to think carefully and choose why you want to make a “skating costume”.
Not all works well. Sometimes I wanted to give up on the way, but I did not quit because I liked making things.
I think the future and the choice of school are very important. I would like you to attend school tours and seminars and think carefully.

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