Guidelines for using social media

About Guidelines for Social Media Use

About the Guidelines

The following are guidelines for those involved with ESMOD JAPON (students, staff, etc.) on what to keep in mind when using social media.

Definition of social media

Blogs, social networking services (SNS), online video platforms, online forums, and other electronic media allowing users to transmit information or communicate.

Cautions for posting on SNS

1 Compliance with laws and regulations, confidentiality, and handling of confidential information

 Please do not post confidential information or personal information obtained through internships or seminars in cooperation with companies without permission. In addition, when quoting or introducing other people’s works on SNS, blogs, etc., please use them within the scope permitted by the copyright. You may be asked to pay compensation for damages caused by inappropriate postings.

2 Sharing accurate information

 Before posting information, please make sure that the content is accurate. If you cannot confirm, you are prohibited from posting it. Also, please keep in mind that not all information on SNS is correct. Spreading information when the source of the information cannot be confirmed is prohibited. Even a light-hearted joke can become a social problem.

3 Respect for human rights and ethics

 Posting content that is slanderous or discriminatory toward a specific individual or group is prohibited. It may lead to defamation and violation of human rights.

4 Privacy protection

 Please do not post private information about others without their consent. You may be sued for damages due to the invasion of privacy. When posting a group photo, please ask the people in the photo for permission to post it. Even if it is not a group photo, please do not post a photo with other people in it without their permission, as this will violate their portrait rights and privacy rights. Please try not to post personal information as much as possible.

5 Manage your ID and password

 Please manage your ID and password carefully. Avoid passwords that can be guessed by others, use a string of characters that is as compact as possible, and update your password regularly to prevent unauthorized use.

Other Precautions

Any suspected violation of these guidelines will be dealt with if the school deems that it is seriously damaging the reputation of ESMOD JAPON. Creating unauthorized public accounts using the school’s name is prohibited (except for closed groups for related parties only). The school’s logo and logotype are the intellectual property of ESMOD. Reproduction or duplication without permission is prohibited. If you wish to use them in your department or other activities, please consult with the Public Relations Department. These guidelines are subject to change without notice.


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Internet Trouble Casebook

For inquiries, please contact

ESMOD JAPON Public Relations Department and Student Affairs Department:03-5421-2232