One-to-one session

Ask any questions on your schedule.

“I’m worried about tuition fees.” “How is the future of fashion jobs?” “Can beginners catch up with classes?” It is natural to be worried and have questions when you choose a school.
Our one-to-one session assures completely individual consultation. It allows you to ask your questions as much as you want. You can also book a short time session to ask just minimum questions. Guardians can also book it for their questions.
Please tell us your wish when you book!

Advantages of one-to-one session

  • Advantage1.

    You can discuss with us in a completely private session without being bothered by other applicants.

  • Advantage2.

    You can choose the best time for you from 10:00 to 16:00 (Booking is essential. There is no session on Sunday and holidays).

  • Advantage3.

    You can join it with your guardians and friends.

  • Advantage4.

    We will give you the best advice and explanation by considering your individual concerns about various things such as total amount of tuition fee, its payment schedule and use of educational loans.