We will consult with you according to your convenience.

Completely individualized, you can consult your career until you are satisfied.

“I wonder if I can get my qualification properly” “I’m concerned about school expenses””What is the future of your work?” “Are you a new school?”It is natural to go to school with anxiety and doubts.

If it is an individual consultation meeting, it is completely individual correspondence, until you understand what you want to know I can talk! It is also OK to ask only what you want to know in a short time!
Please let us know your preferences when booking!

Advantages of individual consultation meeting

  • merit 1.

    As it is completely individual correspondence system, we can talk without minding the surroundings.

  • merit 2.

    You can choose the start time according to your convenience. (Reservation required)

  • merit 3.

    You can join with your parents and friends.

  • merit 4.

    We will explain according to your situation, such as the delivery schedule of tuition fees, the total tuition fee, and the use of educational loans.