Express your story with the theme and concept then create them as a design, that is ESMOD method.

Our curriculum is updated in accordance with the fast changing fashion industry, and ESMOD method is the core of our education. From art, music, movie, travel or anything, find what you like then realize who you are and what you want to express as your story. This is very unique method only for ESMOD.


Create the design with concept that express your story, then draw


Draw the pattern, cut fabric and sew it to compete as clothing

Through the curriculum called Mind Map or My Mirror, you will find who you are by finding what you like, then finally what you want to express your story as design. You will be trained to present and explain your story during presentation class.

During modalism class, you will think with form, not by the number or size. You will be trained to learn to see how it is made, scenes of beauty and eyes to see modernity, then create your pattern.

ESMOD method step 3


Find your story and concept


Draw your design sketch based on our concept


Select fabric and create pattern to sew clothing