05/26/2020 | Information

【Dear Parents and Students】School opening guidelines to deal with the novel coronavirus

The current situation caused by the outbreak is returning to normal.  ESMOD is going to gradually reopen classes starting on Monday June 1st on the premise that preventative measures against infectious disease are thoroughly implemented. Despite the fact that ESMOD JAPON is a small-scale educational institution featuring small group lessons, we are going to keep a distance between students during class and take steps such as sterilization and disinfection when reopening academic activities as part of the preventive measures. In case of difficulties coming to school because of commuting reasons or physical/mental health related to the infection, please tell your class teacher before the class starts.


  • The basic preventive measures against infectious disease

Avoid situations in which the 3 Cs (closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places and close-contact settings) overlap and take good care of your health and hygiene.

①Use two classrooms for each lesson to avoid many people clustering together at the same time.

②Open doors and windows widely to keep the room well ventilated.

③Try as hard as possible to avoid close-range conversations and speaking in a loud voice.

④Continue washing hands thoroughly and respect etiquette.

⑤Maintain sanitation at school by using disinfectant.

⑥Keep wearing a mask inside the school.



(1)At home

・You must take your temperature and check your health condition (cold symptoms) before coming to school and again after you get home.

・In case you have a fever or poor health conditions, you should see a doctor or stay at home. (You will be prohibited from entering school premises.)

・Get enough sleep, do moderate exercise and have a well-balanced meal to boost your immune system. (Self-care)

(2)Going to and from school

・You can come to school up to 45 minutes before classes start. We might disperse the number of students entering at the same time.

・Our staff will take the students’ temperature at the entrance (by using infrared thermometers) and verify their health condition. Depending on the results, the student may be prohibited from entering school premises.

・You must disinfect your hands and fingers before entering the classroom.


(3)In the school building

・Students and staff must wear masks during classes and other activities.

You should prepare your own mask. If they are difficult to obtaint, you should make it by yourself. In case you forget to bring a mask to school, consult with the administrative section.

・Wear a mask to attend classes.

・Students must keep enough physical distance (1 to 2 meters) between each other inside the classroom.

・Teachers must wear masks and also add a face shield depending on the situation.

・Air the classroom by opening windows and doors during lectures.

・Open windows of classrooms and hallways frequently for ventilation.

・Clean areas which students are liable to touch frequently such as handrails with disinfectant.

・At lunch time, please keep your distance and minimize talking.

We are forced to take prompt measures that we’ve never had to take before. However, let’s overcome this together to accomplish our educational goal. We might modify this guideline depending on the circumstances.