SINCE 1841

Our Mission/ Philosophy

Combining Technical Skill with Creative Expression

We believe that if you have the desire, you have the ability to become a fashion professional.

With 176 years of experience preparing students for successful careers in the world of fashion, we know how to produce fashion professionals, and we are confident that the ESMOD program can provide you, too, with the necessary skills, training and experience.

However, while we provide the training, we rely on you to customize the program to meet your individual goals and vision. What kind of fashion professional do you want to become? What do you want to express? When you can answer these questions, we can tailor your training to give you what you need to achieve your goals.

Whatever your individual vision, a career in fashion will require you to reflect and deepen your understanding of the industry while polishing your technical skills.

These skills, combined with the knowledge you will have accumulated during your training and a continuing willingness to learn, will enable you to transform your ideas into concrete expression and creation.

If you bring the essentials—your passion and desire to express something original through fashion—we will help you turn your vision into reality.