About the handling of personal information

In S-mode, based on the “Personal Information Protection Act”, we regard the protection of the personal information we have received as an important matter, and we will manage and operate it based on the following policies.

1.Definition of personal information

In this policy, the following items are defined as “personal information”. Personal information includes the name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, academic history, other descriptions, etc. included in the information. An individual’s number or a symbol or other code means one that can be identified as the individual. In addition, even if it can not be identified by the information alone, it includes items that can be easily identified as the individual by collating with other information.

2.Collection, use and provision of personal information

We will use the collected personal information for the following purposes and will not use it beyond the scope of your consent. ■Admission Information> Providing Event Information ■Post-enrollment information> Providing information from ESMOD In addition, we will not provide or provide to third parties without the user’s consent or outside the scope of the purpose of use. However, [1] According to the provisions of the law, [2] When it is necessary for users and third parties to protect serious benefits such as life, health and property of the public, etc. Information may be disclosed for legal requests without obtaining the user’s consent. There is.

3.Correction, addition, deletion of personal information

If you contact us below, you can request reference, correction, addition, or deletion of information you have already registered. In addition, please note that you may be asked to confirm your identity when making corrections.

4.Consignment management of personal information

Data center for server operation and management, software development company for database construction and maintenance, A direct mail delivery agency company, etc. may outsource the processing related to personal information in business to an external company. When entrusting processing, we select the outsourcing company on condition that we have secured a sufficient personal information protection level, We will manage and ensure that the consignee handles personal information appropriately after entering into a confidentiality agreement.

5.About SSL

On the ESMOD website, we have introduced SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology on the page for entering personal information so that users can enter personal information with confidence. In SSL, the input data is encrypted with the personal computer etc. and then communicated with the registrant’s computer over the network. ※ SSL is a technique for preventing data theft and tampering by third parties by performing encryption and authentication in communication between the browser and www server.

6.About access log

On the ESMOD website, when a user accesses this site, access information is accumulated as an access log on the web server. The access log contains information such as the domain name and IP address of the accessed user, the type of browser used and the access date and time, but it does not contain personally identifiable information, and the information to be acquired is It is used for grasping the use situation of this site, and there is nothing to use other than that.

Contact regarding personal information handling

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