Handling of personal information

Based on Act on the Protection of Personal Information and our policy below, ESMOD JAPON attaches great importance to the protection of personal information and safekeeps it.

1. Definition of personal information

This policy defines personal information as name, birthday, address, phone number, mail address, academic background and other descriptions with signs or codes which enable us to identify the concerned person. It includes descriptions that easily enables us the identification only when they are checked against other information.

2. Collecting, using and offering of personal information

We use collected personal information for the targets below, and we don’t use it for any other purpose without your agreement. Personal information collected before admission is used for the purpose of offering information about events, and that collected after admission is used for the purpose of offering information from school. We also don’t use and offer personal information for any other purpose than those indicated above without your agreement, including offering it to a third party. However, we could make a disclosure of information without your agreement in the cases below.
1. Legal stipulation
2. Necessity of the disclosure to protect your essential benefit such as life, health and property or those of a third party.

3. Update and delete of personal information

You can refer to, correct, update and delete your personal information which is already registered by contacting the address below. Please note that updating and deleting could require verification of personal identification.

4. Outsourced administration of personal information

We could outsource administration requiring handling of personal information to an external company such as server management data centre, software development company in charge of database construction and maintenance and direct mail delivery company. We promise to select external companies which fulfil conditions about personal information protection and sign a nondisclosure agreement to assure the proper handling of the company.

5. SSL

Our official website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to assure viewers safe entry of personal information on concerned pages. SSL allows your device to decrypt entered data and send them to network.
* SSL is a technology to prevent theft and tampering of data by a third party by commanding decryption and authentication through communication between a browser and a WWW server.

6. Access log

When you access to our website, it accumulates information about your access on a web server as an access log. It includes your domain name, IP address, browser type and access time. But they are not information which allows us to identify you, and we use it only to grasp usage situation of our website. It is never used for any other purpose.

Address for contact about handling of personal information

Please contact the address below to ask questions about handling of personal information.