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CAREER SUPPORT – Employment support

Since its establishment, ESMOD JAPON has been recognized in the fashion world as a school that produces a large number of real professionals who can lead to immediate fighting, and in particular its high employment rate has earned an industry-leading reputation.
As employment measures, we have been working on a number of programs throughout the year through educational curricula tailored to the times, education that fosters an international sense of individuality and creativity, and detailed measures tailored to the individual by the homeroom teacher and the employment department.

  • Employment guidance

    Holding in the second year (July, September, October, November, December, January) From the contents such as “willingness to get a job” and “What kind of human resources are required by companies now?” We will give detailed advice on the exam clothes.

  • Employment examination committee

    Held in the 3rd year (June) As part of the company’s recruitment test, we invite people in charge from the company’s field and give a presentation with works and dossiers (PR books).

  • Company briefing session

    Held in the second year (around October) and the third year (April, May, June) We will invite personnel from the company’s personnel personnel to explain the company profile and the content of job openings.

  • Corporate training

    Participant participation in the second to third year Experience in the field training (internship) in companies and use it for job hunting.

  • Mock interview

    Held in the third year (April and May) We will practice interviews repeatedly, assuming an actual interview.

  • Personal interview

    We give advice with teachers so that we can work in a company more suited to individuality through interviews with each student.

In ESMOD, each job type has its own curriculum.
In addition, ESMOD Japon has a record of finding employment with prominent overseas brands at ESMOD International in Japan.

Technical professionTechnical Job (Designer, Pattern Maker)


As for technical jobs, the skills and knowledge required by the professions of designer and patternner differ greatly. Designers are required to have an eye to read the times, skills, knowledge and sense to express them and the ability to develop one idea. The pattern job position is required to have the technical ability and knowledge ability to realize the design that the designer wants to express with the expression method more than expected, high-level design drawing production, and intelligence of material characteristics. At ESMOD, we analyze the level required by a company according to the field, develop a high-level learning curriculum, and have a teacher who can execute it in a class to develop human resources for technical staff.
In addition, some companies are asking designers for pattern technology, and pattern makers for design technology, and it is becoming increasingly important to acquire both design and pattern technologies. In the “integrated department” where you can learn both the design and the pattern of ESMOD, we have prepared a curriculum that is indispensable for the human resource development that the times require. In addition, companies are asked to explain the industry’s situation early in the academic year, and guidance is provided to make it possible to grasp the actual situation of the industry in a systematic manner, and build a system to improve the motivation of the person. For final year students, we will be able to prepare for the ideal career of each student by organizing a presentation to a company in line with the job seeker and listening to professional advice.

Business jobFashion Business Job

Business job

There are limits in a classroom-centered program, and collaboration with industry is important in order to nurture ready-to-go human resources in the fashion industry and achieve an ideal career for each student. The realization of this was ESMOD’s Fashion Business Faculty, which was launched this fiscal year, with an integrated classroom system of lectures and interships. In addition to teaching ESMOD as a full-time instructor, we invite professionals from the fashion industry to give lectures on lectures in a classroom style, and then realize an industry-university collaborative curriculum with 50 partner companies over 10 to 16 weeks. You are

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