SINCE 1841


The Original ESMOD System

International Education

ESMOD Japon’s educational mission is to train its students to become competent, successful professionals. To achieve this, we combine ESMOD Paris’s tried and tested curriculum and methods with ESMOD Japon’s original programs to create an innovative training program that is founded firmly on 176 years of experience.

With guidance from our world-class teachers, ESMOD students are encouraged to develop their creativity to discover and strengthen their own original points of view.

International Education

High Employment Outcomes

ESMOD boasts the highest achievement rates at job placement in desirable careers both in Japan and around the world.

The ESMOD program gives students the skills needed to transfer seamlessly from the classroom to the real world. Thanks to the mastery they acquire during their time at ESMOD, our students are consistently rated as top-notch by the external juries of industry professionals who evaluate their work at the end of each cycle.

Heads of fashion brands often take advantage of these evaluation sessions to recruit new designers, pattern makers, and others from among our first-rate fashion school graduates. They continue to do so because fashion professionals around the world can see that our graduates are highly qualified and ready to work.

High employment outcomes

World Class Teachers

Each class at ESMOD Japon has two teachers: a fashion design teacher and a pattern-making teacher recruited from Asia, Europe, and beyond, in addition to an interpreter when needed. Through high quality instruction and the breadth of training this teaching system ensures, ESMOD produces professionals who are raising standards worldwide.

Homeroom Teachers System with Expert lecturers

Global Network

ESMOD students benefit from our cross-cultural network of 21 schools as well as the diversity of their classmates and teachers to acquire a truly global outlook on contemporary fashion design. We also offer the unique opportunity to transfer from ESMOD Japon to ESMOD Paris to complete training on two continents, with the option of short-term study periods at any school within our international network.

In transferring to ESMOD Paris to complete their studies, graduates are able to earn a diploma (equivalent to a baccalaureate) recognized by the French government. Moreover, all credits acquired at ESMOD Japon are also transferrable to any ESMOD school, so that students have the flexibility to study at any of our branch schools, acquiring valuable international knowledge and experience on their way to obtaining their diplomas.

Global Network

Networking with the Fashion Industry

ESMOD works with companies in all corners of the design industry—varying from those specializing in automobiles, home furnishings or jewelry to menswear and womenswear—in order to provide abundant opportunities for our students in product development, design supply, shop planning and many other areas.

ESMOD’s graduate collection fashion shows draw crowds of fashion professionals each year, including members of the press, which provides invaluable exposure to budding new talents. Industry professionals serve as objective third party judges to evaluate students’ work in the context of the realities of fashion as a business. This capstone to the ESMOD program is extremely beneficial for our students, helping them to maintain a clear focus on their professional objectives throughout their studies.

Our Fashion Business program, as the first educational institute of its kind in Japan, has partnered with 50 companies both within Japan and abroad to create a 4-month on-the-job training session for our students every year. During their final year of training, students pursuing this course have to opportunity to study abroad and take MBA courses at a partner university, or to enroll in Fashion Business post-graduation courses at ESMOD Paris.

Networking with the Fashion Industry