We will give our full attention to the serious passion of
“I want to be a designer”

Élodie Burette and Romain Urnel who have worked as designers for several famous maisons, will talk about the fun of fashion design and how to deal with its challenges, as stylism teachers.

Romain Urnel

Stylism teacher

Romain Urnel

Élodie Burette

Stylism teacher

Élodie Burette

“Enjoy changes in concert with the times”
This is what is required of designers

-What is interesting point of fashion design as a creator?

Romain : There are always changes. At any time even in a vacation, we always need to observe, feel and think various things and people with opening our eyes and heart. I also enjoy myself for it.

Romain Urnel

Élodie : Yes, I think so. The keep changing is the interesting point maybe, because the way how you work or what they require will be totally different depending on companies or countries. And fashion design is that we can make the idea existing only in my head into something as a shape from zero, which means it makes feeling of excitement and fun like realizing our dreams.

Romain : And I can say that the working as a team is also one of big attractive point. There is nothing that we can do for design work by only one person.The job makes us to be able to have luxuriance of imagination by having communication time with various people at all times.

-Is there anything you have learned in your school days that you think it is important now?

Élodie Burette

Élodie : For me, it is "working quick". We would like to do many things but we always have limited time. You will be really appreciated when you work in a company as well as school life will be fulfilled if you are able to concrete your idea with being aware of speed.

Romain : I think that every skill and knowledge which I learned in a school have been useful since I became a professional. However, the difference in between students and professionals is that we have to work with understanding what art director requires and getting their satisfaction. And we need to have all the responsibilities of our work such as schedule management, purchasing fabric and organizing fashion show.

Passion and how much you love will be your potential,
even there is no experience and knowledge

-It is very important to know the fashion work and industry realistically with their skin even from the time of students if they aim to be professionals.

Élodie : The students who choose ESMOD want to work at fashion industry seriously and eagerly.Everyone is making effort hard, steadily and diligently. That’s why, each teacher is seriously facing a student by student and we would like to tell what we got from our experience.

Romain Urnel

Romain : The curriculum has always been reconsidered and the program has been made based on the latest trend of market. For example, we introduce new developed technologies that are currently popular, into our class actively. As we always update knowledge that relates to market or work, it is strongly connected to jobs after the graduation of students. Personally, I am sharing the information that I got speedy as I am French and have a connection with Paris where is a source of fashion trend.

-On the other hands, we heard that there are many students who don’t have any experience to draw when they enter ESMOD.

Élodie : Our mission as a teacher is educating students who have no experience and knowledge so please do not worry and come to our school in relief.

Élodie Burette

Romain : Exactly. The challenging with students is really interesting and rewarding for teachers. We are trying to give advice understandably as much as possible while adjusting to each characters or their own pace.

Élodie : Every single student has own unique and strong points definitely. They are the one who make fashion in the future. That’s why, our role as a teacher is judging and improving what they have, more than just teaching techniques or skills.

-What is the most memorable episode with students?

Romain : I have worked here less than 1 year yet but I remember all students in this school of course including my class because I see them at their presentation. It means those cozy atmosphere is one of our school characteristic.

Romain Urnel

Élodie : I always remember a student who was in my class at 1st year and 2nd year and he could not draw design sketches well. I was teaching carefully but his skill was not improved. However, he mustered his motivation suddenly when he promoted to 2nd year, then he asked advice to everyone in his class and he tried those. His skill had been improved immediately after that. That’s why I am telling students "You should ask advice to anyone who has better skill than you."

Romain : For a designer, the design sketch is a tool that expresses own ideas. It must be a thing that communicates to others as a communication tool. This is the basic premise.

Let’s try to develop creative ideas by original exercise

-We heard that constructing own concept is one of difficult matter for students.

Élodie Burette

Romain : Concept is like a soul of designer or brand, and it is very difficult to define. In other words, it is one’s self. You need to keep seeking with patience from the 1st year what you are interested in and/or you value. And also you must word them concretely from vague image. You must open your mind always and think about it.

Élodie : There are various exercises in ESMOD such as collages and 3D research for increasing design ideas and constructing concept. Some are traditional and some are new that were added recently. We always use the latest approach to grow their thought as a designer.

-At the end, please give some message to future students who will enter ESMOD!

Élodie : In Japan, it is sometimes recommended to be the same as others, but it is bad idea if you do the same thing as others in the world of fashion. Please do not hesitate to be yourself and show yourself because it is very important to be new, different and unique. In ESMOD, I think you will not care about the differences, and you will be confident in what you have because there are many students and instructors with various nationalities and different cultural backgrounds.

Romain : You are the people who will carry the future of fashion industry. Let’s study together and work together!

Romain Urnel and Élodie Burette

Romain Urnel

Graduated from ESMOD Paris. Worked for Maison Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Marithé+François Girbaud. Started a brand in 2012. In charge of menswear at Y/project. Modelism teacher at Atelier Chardon Savard. Menswear Grand Prix Winner at Dinard International Fashion Festival in 2012.

Romain Urnel

Élodie Burette

Designer and freelance illustrator. Graduated from Studio Berçot. Worked for Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Tory Burch, Artizia and beautiful people as a designer.

Élodie Burette
Interview Modelism (Pattern making & Sewing)

(Pattern making & Sewing)