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Oct 2018~Feb 2019: ESMOD Tokyo Open Campus and Events

We have programmed events that are enjoyable for beginners and for people that want to become Fashion Designers or Fashion Pattern-maker. You will find below the program of Events and Open Campus that will be held in ESMOD Tokyo from October to February.

Oct 27 (Sat)

AM: 3D Design Approach with a mini body

PM: Skirt Pattern Series / Session 1: Mermaid Skirt Pattern-Making

Nov 17 (Sat)

AM: Today’s clothes into a Design drawing

PM: Skirt Pattern Series / Session 2: Flare Skirt Pattern-Making

Dec 15 (Sat)

AM: OB/OG talk show: working as a Fashion Designer

PM: Skirt Pattern Series / Session 3: Flare Skirt drapping

*Skirt Pattern Series has been especially programmed for beginners. This a series but you are of course welcome to participate in only 1 session


Jan 19 (Sat)

PM:Menswear Series session 1 / Part 1 Discussion about Men’s shirt / Part 2 Designing your original shirt

Feb 2 (Sat)

All day:OPEN DAY

Feb 7 (Sat)

PM:ESMOD Graduate collection (Fashion show – Defile)

Feb 23~27

All day:ESMOD Pop-up store